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Enjoy Our Kidney Club Newsletter

Whether you browse it or read it straight through, the Kidney Club provides nutritional information and tips for people on dialysis, their caregivers, family members, and friends. This free newsletter covers a variety of topics that can help you maintain good nutrition while you're on dialysis.
Featured Issue
Winter Kidney Club Newsletter
Winter / 2011 PDF(5888 KB)

What’s Inside: Hidden Phosphorus in Our Foods

What is phosphorus and why is it important?
What foods contain phosphorus?
What are phosphorus additives?
Why is phosphorus a concern for people with CKD?
How to prevent phosphorus overload
Reading food labels
Watch our for fast food
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Past Issues
Kidney Korner Summer 2011
Summer / 2011 PDF(4216 KB)

What’s Inside: The ABCs of Reading Food Labels

Why is Nutrition Important?
What is a Food Label?
What to Look for on a Food Label
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Kidney Korner Summer 2010
Summer / 2010 PDF(345 KB)

What's Inside: The Sunshine Vitamin

What Is Vitamin D and What Does It Do In the Body?
Where Does Vitamin D Come From?
Vitamin D Levels in Various Foods
How Much Vitamin D Is Recommended?
How Do I Know What My Vitamin D Level Is?
Current Vitamin D Dietary Recommendations
Why Is Vitamin D Important for People with Chronic Kidney Disease?
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Kidney Korner Winter 2010
Winter / 2010 PDF(309 KB)

What's Inside: The Scoop on Potassium

What is Potassium?
What Is the Role of Your Kidneys?
High and Low Potassium Foods List
How Does My Diet Impact My Potassium Levels?
What Should My Potassium Level Be?
Potassium Food Substitutions List
What Is Leaching Vegetables?
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Kidney Korner Fall 2009
Fall / 2009 PDF(343 KB)

What's Inside: The Power of Protein

What Is Protein?
What Does Protein Do in the Body?
Why Is Protein Important For People on Dialysis?
How Much Protein Do I Need?
How Can I Meet My Protein Needs?
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Kidney Korner Spring 2009
Spring / 2009 PDF(429 KB)

What's Inside: Spring Cleaning...For Your Kitchen

Kitchen Sink
General Cleaning Tips
Let's Talk About Food Safety
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Kidney Korner Winter 2008
Winter / 2008 PDF(343 KB)

What's Inside: Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetes

Are You One of the Almost 24 Million Americans With Diabetes?
What Are the Different Types of Diabetes?
Food and Blood Glucose Go Hand in Hand
What Are the Benefits of Staying Active?
When and Why Should You Test Blood Glucose?
Hemoglobin A1C
Putting It All Together-Diet for CKD & Diabetes
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